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    Get a Chinese name, tattoo or business card on-line

    2009.04.25. 22:03

    Get your Chinese name written with traditional or simplified characters, printed or calligraphic style.

    Choose between the two types of naming methods: the one that follows the original pronunciation of the name or the other one that sticks to the rules of Chinese naming tradition. The first one will resemble to the sounding of your original name, whereas the second one will in some respect reflect upon the meaning of your name (if any) composed to sound exactly the way a proper Chinese name should sound.

    How can I be sure that the name I get doesn’t mean “Coca Cola” or something even worse?

    How many times have you heard about people having the wrong Chinese characters tattooed on their skin for a lifetime? These stories aren’t just urban legends, and the examples are shocking (the tattoo on the left reads tiansuaorou 甜酸肉 'sweet and sour meat', where even the mistake was mistaken: it is a typical amateurs' misuse instead of the Chinese term gulaorou 咕嚕肉). To make sure that you get what you want the best warranty is our expertise. Our colleagues are Sinologists (scholars studying Chinese language and culture) holding MA or PhD degrees, and their knowledge guarantees the quality of our service. All names come with a detailed explanation on both the pronunciation and the meaning of the characters.


    Choose a style for your Chinese characters from the list below:













    Use your Chinese name to create your own

    printing or screening material

    You don’t have to get Asian system components installed on your computer, the names come in Adobe .pdf files, so you can use them right away.

    More options:

    Order your

    Chinese business card
    Chinese horoscope characters


    Get your extant Chinese text checked up by professionals


    The price of your Chinese name is only 9.99 euros (approximately 13 USD, excl. VAT), for the payment details click here!

    The price of your Chinese name is only 9.99 euro+20%VAT (11,98 euro; approximately 13 USD, excl. VAT).

    Payment terms:

    1. Your Chinese name(s) will be created after the actual price of the required name(s) arrives to our account. (For more than one name you should multiply the price by the number of names).
    2. Your Chinese name(s) will be sent to you within 48 hrs after the actual price of the required name(s) arrives to our account.
    3. An extra 50% service fee applies in urgent cases (your Chinese name(s) will be sent within 12 hrs after the actual price of the required name(s) arrives to our account).

    How can I make the process faster?

    Send us an authentic copy of the verification of your completed bank transfer by e-mail, and we will start working on your request right away, so that your Chinese name(s) can be sent to you at the very moment the price of the required name(s) arrives to our account.


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